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In 2008, Dr. Field Harrison opened MINT dentistry determined to change everything about dentistry. By everything, he meant everything: the techniques, the equipment, the experience, the value, the quality, the training, even the dentists themselves.

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MINT was the first to combine iPads with movies and leather massage chairs and the first to put Beats headphones in the lobby. We incorporate team dentistry so a second opinion is just down the hall. MINT offers luxury dentistry that is truly affordable. There are currently over 30 MINT locations in Dallas and Houston.

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We're now in over 50 locations in Dallas and Houston. We've whitened the teeth of some 80,000 people. We've introduced discount plans and dental insurance plans for those hard workers with no insurance or whose insurance lets them down. MINT dentistry has been named the best family dentist two years in a row and has earned over 10,000 5-star Google reviews.


"The office is very clean and the staff are awesome! Would recommend this location as a 10!!"



"Friendly staff! Very good at what they do. I felt wondering my first day their and felt even better after the lady did my cleaning! Never been to a dentist office that had a black women working there I definitely love it and she did excellent on my cleaning I feel brand new...... also I love the lady at the front desk very very nice !"



"I just want to say my experience at Mint is always good. They really give good customer service and excellent work."



"The friendliest staff ever, nice and clean environment, service was great overall :)"



"I LOVE MINT DENTISTRY! As soon as I walked inside, I felt so welcomed. Office manager Chè offered me something to drink, an iPad and some Beats headphones to use while I wait. Then Ashley attended me with my teeth clean up. She took me to the room where they do clean ups, whitening, etc.. She is so sweet! THE CHAIRS ARE MASSAGE CHAIRS! They ask if you would like to watch Netflix or play any music you would like on Pandora. Ashley was the best! My teeth feel so much better, she made sure I was comfortable. I love everything about this Mint Dentistry Location! The whole staff is amazing! They provided me with my complementary whitening kit, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and a CHAPSTICK! I’m so glad I chose Mint Dentistry."




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